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One EventInfinite Possibilities

Transform each event into a unique visual story with customized AI.

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Any Event,
Any Concept

Teleport your guests into a world you create especially for them with EventStation, so they could see themselves through the vision you set for your event.

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Tell Us Your Story

And Bring Your Vision To Light With EventStation


From private to corporate events and even conferences, EventStation will make it stand out with customized AI, and increase your impact!

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Are you a company or a professional in the event and photography industries? Take your business to the next level, creating value for your clients.

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How It Works

EventStation's solutions are fast and easy - all you need is a photo of the guests, and let the magic begin! Create infinite scenes for your guests to become immersed in. With their face, telling your story, you can print the results on anything from magnets, to nametags, to swag... You can automatically send them to social media, or simply download them to their phone.

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1. Customize Scenes

Our team will help you come up with the perfect scenes, aligned with the topic and theme of your event, personal style, your brand, or product. Or you could choose from hundreds of existing ones. The posibilities are endless.

Customize Scenes

2. Take a Photo

Let your guests choose a pre-customized scene of their liking, (smile,) and take a photo. That's it! It takes just a few seconds for our AI model to transforms your guests into a character in the scenes and blow your guests' minds...

3. Amaze Your Guests

Enjoy our seamless automated flow, including printing magnets, stickers, name tags, swag, and even wirelessly project images on screens around the world, creating a lasting impression that makes you stand out.

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Why EventStation?

Elevate your event into an engaging experience with automated AI

From customizable backdrops to instant sharing on social media, EventStation has it all. Our team works with you to ensure everything is tailored to the depths of your imagination.

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Your vision, our canvas: Every detail from the style to the backdrop is yours to choose, change or design from scratch. Blend your photos seamlessly with your event's theme, brand, or topic.


Easily and swiftly set your guests' images to be automatically shared, downloaded, printed or presented as a slideshow in the next room, or anywhere else on the globe.

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Cutting-edge AI meets diverse creative styles for a truly unique and memorable experience. EventStation enhances guest engagement, adding an unparalleled, dynamic flair to your event.

Our Customers

Why Everyone Loves

"EventStation was the perfect addition to our wedding. Our guests had a blast and we were left with lasting impressions of our special day."​​

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Nikole Whol

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