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Advanced Presentation-Options

Dynamic Gallery: Our Dynamic Gallery always shows the latest created image. If teh booth doesnt get used it rotates through all created images of the event. A perfect solution to highlight your AI-Photobooth and the creations during your event on a bigger screen. Make your AI-Photobooth-Activiation to the Eye-Catcher of your Event!


For using the dynamic gallery function, you need:

  • a input (streaming) device (tablet, laptop, or even a smart TV)

    • Note: Mandatory is a active WIFI connection

  • a output-device e.g. a screen, projector or similar

  • a active connection between the input & output device, e.g. WiFi, a HDMI cable or similar

When you meet these requirements follow the steps:

  1. Open The WebApp on the streaming device and enter your Login-credentials


  2. After a successful Login you enter the main menu, Click on "Gallery"


  3. Choose the events which should be shown (via setting tick(s))

    1. Note: you can define the events which should be displayed.


  4. Click on the Button "Gallery Mode", now your browser will go into fullscreen mode and the Gallery Mode is working and go trough the images like a diashow, when a new image is created the newest will be visible.


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