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General  Overview

Welcome to our usage guides.

  • For detailed instructions on how to effectively use our webapp, refer to the guides in the "Getting Started" section.

  • To verify if your photobooth meets our specifications, please click on "Photobooth Requirements."

  • Before you begin, please review our prerequisites to ensure a smooth experience with our webapp.

  • Should you encounter any issues, our troubleshooting section may have the solution to your problem.

What we do

To learn about our visions and what we can offer to your company, click on the PDF icon below

Webapp Guides

To deepen your knowledge about our Webapp and the system requirements as well as Guides how to setup your system correctly click on either link below

general informations infographic
automatic printing infographic
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system preparation infographic
Group 39839.png
Group 39840.png

API Guides

API Documentatioon.png
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