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1. General System Preparation

To prepare your photobooth and your software for your event please follow this system preparation guide to ensure everything is running as intended.

1.1 Update Your Operating System and Browser

For the optimal performance of our web application, it is essential that you use the latest version of of your operating system as well as your browser:

Supported Systems:

  • Windows (Version 10 or higher)

  • Android (Version 13 or higher)

  • iOS (Version 16.1 and higher)

Supported Browser:

  • Mozilla Firefox (latest)

  • Chrome (latest)

  • Safari (latest)

Updating your browser ensures you have the latest features and the best user experience.

1.2 Camera Usage

To use our AI Photobooth, your camera must be available exclusively to our web application during your session.

  • Close Other Tabs or Applications that might be using your camera. Our web application requires exclusive access to your camera to function properly.

1.3 Camera Connectivity

A working camera is key to capturing your moments.

  • Check Your Camera to make sure it's properly connected (if external) and functioning before starting. Whether you're using an internal (built-in) or an external camera, a quick test to ensure it's working can save time.

1.4 Operating System

An up-to-date operating system is crucial for a seamless experience.

  • Update Your Operating System, especially if you're using iOS devices, to ensure compatibility and security.

1.5 Internet Connection

A stable internet connection is vital for accessing our web-hosted services.

  • Ensure Your Internet Connection is Stable before starting. A good connection ensures smooth operation and enhances your experience with our AI Photobooth.

2. Trouble Shooting

Encountering issues? Don’t worry! This guide is here to help you navigate and resolve common problems with ease. Follow these steps to get everything running smoothly again.

My Camera is Not Being Recognized

Camera recognition.PNG

2.1Allow Camera Access: Make sure to permit camera usage in your browser. A prompt usually appears in the top left corner of your browser window requesting access.

2.2Check Camera Connection: Ensure your camera is properly connected to your device. If using an external camera, verify that it's securely plugged in.

2.3Close Other Applications: Ensure your camera is not in use by another application or browser tab. Exclusive access is necessary for it to work with our webapp.

2.4Update Your iOS: If you're on an iOS device, check for any available system updates and install them.

2.5Browser Update: Ensure your web browser is up to date. Latest versions often fix bugs that could interfere with camera functionality.

2.6Stable Internet Connection: A steady and reliable internet connection is crucial, especially for web-based applications like ours.

2.7Reload Page: If your camera is not being recognized within 1 minute please refresh the page

2.8Switch your browser: If none of the above works switch your browser to something else, verified working browsers are: Chrome, Firefox, Safari

3. My Canon/EOS DSLR Camera is not being recognized

3.1Download EOS Utility Software: Download the latest EOS Utility Software version that works with your camera.

3.2Download EOS Webcam Utility Software: Please check if your EOS camera is supported by this utility software, if available install it and restart your PC. 

3.3Check Device Manager: Open Device Manager to check if your camera is beign recognized under the Camera Tab. If it is not visible our Webapp can´t access your Camera.

3.4Change USB Cable and test different USB Port: A Faulty USB-Cable can create problems, please use a different one to check.

3.5Test if your EOS DSLR Works in google meet: Please check if your camera is being recognized there, if it is not it won´t work in our webapp either.

3.6Browser Update: Ensure your web browser is up to date. Latest versions often fix bugs that could interfere with camera functionality.

3.7Deactivate WLAN: Please deactivate in your Camera settings the WLan function, this can block the usage via USB Cable.

3.8Reinstall EOS Drivers: Sometimes you have the wrong EOS Utility Software installed, please reinstall the correct version to make sure or check their website for compatible Version.

3.9Reinstall USB Drivers: Faulty USB drivers can block the usage of your camera, please go into your device manager to the universal serial bus controllers and right klick on generic USB hub and press update drivers.

4. The colors are not being displayed correctly


4.1 iOS and Operating System Updates: Older IOS or operating systems don´t support modern web functionalities, please keep everything up to date.

4.2 Browser Updates: An outdated browser can cause issues with how colors and images are rendered. Check for any updates and install them.

4.3 Switch your browser: If none of the above works switch your browser to something else, verified working browsers are: Chrome, Firefox, Safari

5. No Image Is Being Generated

5.1 Internet Connectivity: Verify your internet connection. A disruption during the image generation process can lead to errors.
5.2 Patience Is Key: Image generation can sometimes take a little longer, especially during periods of high demand. Please allow up to a minute for the process to complete.
5.3 Reload Page: If the loading time exceeds 2 minutes please reload the page.

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