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1. General Information

Welcome to our step-by-step guide to ensure your photobooth is perfectly set up for our web application. By meeting these simple requirements, you'll enjoy high-quality results every time.

General Overview

Click on the PDF icon to get a general overview of main webapp functions

Endcustomer Loop

Click on the PDF icon to see how the Endcustomer loop looks like.

2. Hard - & Software requirements

Generall our solution runs on any system with a connected camera and internet capabilities.​
Operating Sytems: Photbooth systems e.g.

  • Computer based systems (e.g. Laptop, working station or similiar)

    • Tablet or Smartphone

    • Connected or integrated camera

      • A Video signal is mandatory

      • Any camera that is recognized as a webcam on your system is usable

  • Internet:

    • A stable internet connection is needed to run or solution.

    • Note: An average image size is 0,7MB

Supported Systems:

  • Windows (Version 10 or higher)

  • Android (Version 13 or higher)

  • iOS (Version 16.1 and higher)

Supported Browser:

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Chrome

  • Safari

System & Browser need to be updated with the latest version. Different Browser or outdated system aren't recommended and can lead to problems when using our products.

2. General Requirements

General Requirements:

  • When using our Software Solutions during your event. Lighting: Ensure the subject's face is well-lit and clearly visible. Proper lighting is key to capturing good images.

  • Resolution: Use a camera that supports at least full HD resolution. High-quality input images allow our algorithms to produce the best possible output.

  • Photobooth Positioning:

    • For single-person mode: Position the photobooth close enough so that the person's face occupies at least half of the image.

    • For group mode: Position for an upper body shot of the group for optimal results.

For further to informations to outputdata or similiar questions please go to.

3. Output Resolutions

Our service offers two output resolutions to choose from, making it easy to print your transformed images:

  • 768x1152 (3:4)

  • 1152x768 (4:3)

  • 1024x1024 (1:1)

By following these guidelines, you're all set for a great experience with our web application. Enjoy capturing beautiful, high-quality images that bring out the best in your moments.​

3. Miscellaneous

If you want to deepen your knowledge on various topics such as how to setup your photobooth correctly at yourevent  or how to use our printing functionality check out the guides below

Pre-Event Setup

Click on the PDF icon to learn more how to setup an event correctly and what is important to create stunning images

4. AI Technology and Expectations

Our AI Photobooth leverages advanced artificial intelligence to generate images. It's important to keep in mind:

  • AI is in Its Early Stages: The technology behind our AI Photobooth is continually evolving. While we strive to provide the best possible experience, AI operates on probabilities and learning algorithms, which means not every result may meet your expectations.

  • Embrace Surprises: The nature of AI-generated images means you might encounter surprising or unexpected results. This is part of the unique charm of using AI technology - no two images are exactly alike!

  • Feedback is Valuable: If you receive results that aren't as good or accurate as you hoped, please understand that AI is still learning. We appreciate your feedback, which helps improve our AI models and your future experiences.

Remember, the journey with AI is one of discovery and sometimes, imperfection. We are committed to enhancing our technology and providing you with exciting, creative experiences.

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