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Base API -
The API Solution

Unlock the potential of your brand or Event with Eventstations AI’s transformative filters.


The Eventstation - API offers a versatile solution to realize your vision - in a flexible and scalable way

Unlimited Creativity

Enabled with Gen-AI

Blend With the PhantAIsia-API state-of-the-art artificial intelligence with your creative vision to turn Images of your Customers of Co-Workers into a personalized Artwork which pleases and Amazes. Enahnce your business, event or E-Commerce-Solution with the help of the phantaisia API.


Highquality Content
by AI-Artists

Our Solution and our AI-Filters are developed by renonwend AI-Artists and our own trained models. Gain access to unique filters, exclusively curated for Phantaisia.

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Level up your Social Media Game

Distinguish yourself in a market of repetition. Level up your event social media game with our never before seen technology.

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Focus on your Business

Diving into the world of AI can eat up time and resources. Why start from scratch? Tap into our know-how and tools to boost what you already offer and outshine the competition.

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Scalable Infrastructure

Benefit from our system - with our cloudbased infrastructure we can ensure a effective and quick creation process

Digital (Artistic) twins

Offer cutting-edge Gen-AI technology, and the ability to provide artistically high-quality images to your clients. Integrate them into your website or existing software solutions.

Correct Details - in different Forms

The correct representation of users is important to us. Our solution enables the correct representation of skin-, hair- and eye color, gender as well as age. Benefit from Different capture possibiltities. From a face transfer or even the transfer of the pose and other clothes.

1920s woman

Flexible Integration

Enhance with the API existing systems and benefit from flexibility in the integration possibilities. Integrate it in your E-commerce-Solutions or enhance your marketing capaign. Gift or offer customers a moment and service that they will remember and want to show their friends.

Focus on your Business & Benefit from our efficicny

Diving into the world of AI can eat up time and resources. Why start from scratch? Use our existing Solutions and profit from our knowledge and services. Outshine the competition with our quick render times and our enhanced image quality.


Completely in-house

From the initial consultation, through the provision of standard AI or customized AI-FIlter designs, to technical support during implementation, we are there to advise you.

Standard or Custom tailored Ai-Filter-Designs

Use our Standardfilter or offer your own custom-designed Ai-Filter for your event benefit from our Custom Design Elements.

Fire Mage

Unlimited Creativity

Our Process

Built for simplicity and ease of usage. Send us an image of your choice as well as several options to style the image and recieve your transformed AI-Image within 10 seconds back.

API Process description

Interested ? Book a meeting to learn more

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