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Advanced Design-Implementations

Our WebApps allow the use of predefined designs like a banner or a card. The implementation is directly possible via the Setup Initialisation-Page, when accessing the "Start-Photobooth"-Button in our WebApp.

A. Designpresets:

We recommend using our design presets, to have the correct size and ratio (esp. necessary when you want to offer prints). For a streamlined process and that you can directly start to design your Banner or Card-Layout, use the following presets. Use the Presets to directly have the correct size and ratio. :

Note: Export your designs, as a PNG file with a transparent background. We use a Overlay-Function in our WebApp and without the transparent background the ai-image won't be visible.

B. Implementation in the webapp

For implementing your design in the webapp

  1. Access the webapp and enter your Login-Credentials


  2. When entering the main menu, click the button "start your photobooth"


  3. select your event you wanna use


  4. select the "Overlay"-Function & Upload your previously created Design


  5. Check the preview image to make sure, that you use the correct design


  6. You now included your banner and can start the event, when you set all your other options according to your needs.

Prrreview Output.png
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